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Florida Light Tackle Charters  only uses "Top Shelf" Spinning, Casting and Fly Gear. The very same equipment our captains depend on to compete in tournaments, such as the The Professional Redfish Tournament Trail and several C.C.A. events, will be at your disposal. Diawa, Penn, Star, Fin-Nor, Shimano, Ross Canyon, Falcon & St. Croix, are just a few of the names we depend one day after day.


Your experience level, target species, local bait availability, and preference (Yours and the fish) will dictate whether we live bait or fish with artificial lures. Gathering live bait can be time consuming, therefore your trip time, whether it is a half-day (4 hr.), ¾ day (6 hr.), or full day (8+hr) charter; whenever possible, will be above and beyond the time it takes to procure ample bait for the day. More often than not, if the conditions allow we will catch bait before our scheduled departure.

Should the conditions dictate the use of artificial lures, our boats are fully loaded with every conceivable lure known to the inshore saltwater angler. Although hundreds of lures fill our dry storage compartments, the following are a few we find ourselves depending on time and time again.


The Yozuri Minnow is a top lure when a diving minnow imitating plug is called for. Snook, Trout, Redfish and Tarpon can’t resist their life like presence in the water. Reflective white with an orange head, and silver have been our top producers.

Johnson Weedless Gold Spoon; Redfish, Redfish, & Redfish. Need I say more? The gold weedless Johnson Spoon in 1/8 or ¼ oz models has always been the favorite utility lure of the avid Redfish fisherman. When worked slowly through grass beds and made to flicker down into potholes, this lure can be downright deadly, and is impossible to resist by not only Redfish, but Trout and Snook as well.

D.O.A. is known by the Florida Flats Fisherman for making the deadliest shrimp-imitating lure on the market. These lures look, feel and smell like the real thing, and when worked properly, are downright irresistible to Redfish, Trout, Snook and the Almighty Tarpon. Our favorite colors or clear and Motor Oil.

Mr. Twister Exude Jerk Baits Jerk Baits have become very popular over the last several years. Their ability to mimic most forage fish and the angler’s ability to rig the baits to cover a variety of conditions has made these lures very popular.  Exude is our favorite amongst the variety available on the market, and has helped our angler’s land everything from trophy size Redfish and Snook, to Tarpon, Cobia and is even irresistible to the many sharks, which prowl our waters.




Owner hooks are chemically  sharpened, and are better than “Needle Point” straight out of the package.  We spend thousands of dollars in quality equipment, countless hours catching bait, and even more time scouting the area so your trip is as productive as it can be.  With such a large investment and our reputation at stake, we cannot afford to use anything less than the BEST. 

We are a firm believer that the rod & reel and lure you are using is worthless if you are not using a quality fishing line. Ande holds more I.G.F.A. recognized world records (Over 1,000) than any other manufacturer, and is our sole source for quality monofilament fishing line. Back Country Blue and Tournament Green are our favorites.

Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchoring System:  A new product, which has hit the inshore fishing scene by storm is the hydraulic anchoring system manufactured by J.L. Marine.  To insure the very most for our clients, Florida Light Tackle Charters has invested in the very best in a boat, motor, electronics, fishing and safety equipment.  In doing  so, we did not stop with the anchoring system.  The Power Pole enables us to effortlessly, quietly and quickly, anchor the boat in the windiest of conditions and in any bottom, hence eliminating the need for noisy anchors and clumsy push poles.  This does not only provide our clients more overall fishing time, but because of an immediate and quiet set (Anchor); when sight casting to fish or working structure, this product provides for more time to repeatedly cast to a  target, significantly increasing our client’s chances of claiming a trophy game fish.  In addition, the time traditionally spent on anchoring a boat, is now allocated toward spotting fish for our clients. 

Maui Jim Sunglasses are one of the most important tools fishing  captains and anglers alike, confide in to better see the bottom contour and target game fish through the sun’s glare.  Quality sunglasses also protect you from the harmful UV rays given off by our ever so prevailing Florida sun.  Because of its importance, we choose to buy only the best the industry has to offer.  We depend on Maui Jim for our and our safety, comfort and fish seeing ability.

Got Bait?As any inshore fishing guide and angler will tell you; live bait, more often than not will make the difference between a good fishing day and a phenomenal fishing day.  With that said, we trust in our West Coast Cast Nets to provide our customers with all of the bait and live chum necessary to insure a productive day on the water.

Please visit our sponsor's website to purchase the above rods, reels, and tackle.




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We are booking up fast for the 2021 Tarpon Season.  Book Now to reserve the last few available Hill Tide Dates..

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