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 "Tarpon Time"  Paul Plante battled this 180+lb Tarpon on light tackle!!!

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 Florida Tarpon Fishing Info & 

Florida Hill Tide Dates  "2020"


Don't settle for an expensive "Boat Ride" come and experience the

"BEST"  Tarpon guides in FL. (Guaranteed)

If you want to catch your first or next Giant Tarpon, look no further

as our site will detail the best Tarpon Fisheries in Florida.

Florida Light Tackle & Fly Fishing for Tarpon!


  Our 2001 thru 2007 Tarpon Charters have been so successful, that we have never had to perform a free Tarpon Charter. That's right, if we do not put you on Tarpon, your charter is free, it's that simple, so let's go Tarpon Fishing!


Tarpon History & Facts

  On March 12th, 1885, fishing history was made.  On that date, W.H. Wood of New York landed a 93lb Tarpon at the mouth of the Caloosahatchie River.  His fish is widely acknowledged as the first ever Tarpon landed on rod & reel.  This catch, made world news in the sporting industry.  As a result, anglers across the country, flocked to Florida to test their skills and stamina against the so called "Silver King" of the mangroves.   Many tried and failed.  Then in 1898, Mr. Edward Hofe, landed a 210lb Monster Tarpon in Southwest, Florida.  This proved to the angling community, that large Tarpon could indeed be caught on conventional fishing tackle.


  Tarpon Fishing quickly became an epidemic........Now 100 years later, fisherman from all over the world still travel to Florida to experience the extreme thrill of Tarpon Fishing!


  It's very easy to see why Tarpon Fishing is so addictive.  Their gigantic size, brute strength and acrobatic displays will make any angler shake at the knees.  It's not only their physical characteristics, it's also their numbers and aggressive feeding habits.  Tarpon are quite plentiful in Florida........Florida simply provides The Best Tarpon Fishing in the World!  See it once, and you'll be hooked for life.  Like many, you'll plan your entire years schedule around Florida's Tarpon Seasons.


  Our fish will strike a variety of baits, lures and flies.  Once hooked, it's pure adrenaline.  From 100 yard long drag screaming runs, to multiple 10 foot head thrashing jumps, Tarpon will test your will as well as the best tackle on the market.  But don't take our word for it, come and experience the big leagues for yourself!


Tarpon Hill Tide & Dates

Unarguably, this tide is known to produce the most incredible Tarpon Feeding Frenzy known to man!



  Fed by two very large natural rivers (Myakka River and Peace River), Charlotte Harbor is the second largest inland body of water (Saltwater) in Florida.  Charlotte Harbor is home to several food sources, in particular the Calico Crab. 


Mr. Crab meet Mr. Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus). 


  During the May & June spring tides of the new and full moon, millions of these Calico crabs are washed out from Charlotte Harbor through Boca Grande Pass.  During this natural phenomenon, the Tarpon move inside the pass to an area called the hill.   During a good hill tide, countless Tarpon will engage in an incredible feeding frenzy.   Picture a school of Jacks or Bluefish terrorizing a school of Menhaden on the surface of the bay.  Picture the same, except that these fish are between 60 - 200+lbs!



  If you get a rush from seeing a Bass crush a top water plug, you've not seen anything until you've seen a 100+lb Tarpon slam a crab the size of a tennis ball!


  When this "Frenzy" occurs, it's almost as fast as you can cast a crab into the commotion.  During these frenzies, it's not uncommon to see everyone around you fighting a Giant Tarpon.  Our boats have had numerous double and triple other words, it's complete chaos!



Click Here For More Tarpon Photos

  How many Tarpon call this area home during the months of April, May & June?  Biologist speculate that there are up to 10,000-15,000 mature Tarpon in the Boca Grande area during Peak Season, (May & June) and this is an area the size of three football fields.


Florida "2020" Tarpon Hill Tide Dates

May   15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th  (Full moon on the 18th)

May   30th, 31st 

June   1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th (New Moon on the 3rd)

June  13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th  (Full moon on the 17th)

June    29th, 30th,

July  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (New Moon on the 2nd)

July  12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th  (Full moon on the 16th)

Hill Tide Captains

(Please click on captain)


 Capt. Derrick Jacobsen      Capt. Jarrett Lombard   Capt. Greg Devault


Capt. Keith Benson    Capt. Justin Cauffman    Capt. Dan Haley


 Capt. Jimmy Willis        Capt. Mike Witfoth  

Capt. Phil Haley     Capt. Dan Cambern         Capt. Jon Turner

Hill Tide Tackle Used 


  Penn Slammer Spinning Reels loaded with 50lb braid on 7 to 7 1/2 foot medium action Redbone Spinning Rods or Penn Torque's with 50lb line on 7ft GLoomis Rods (Tarpon Specials) 


  Come experience the rush for yourself and book a Hill Tide Date Today.  Please call 1-866-4-TARPON (482-7766) or complete our on line reservation form by clicking on the button below.






  Florida Light Tackle Tarpon Fishing  is one the the most highly sought after fishing charters in the state.  Florida tarpon fishing receives one of the highest marks for its abundance of tarpon and locations to choose from. Boca Grand, Ft Myers, Port Charlotte, Charlotte Harbor, Naples, Flamingo & Tampa are some of the main areas of large concentrations of tarpon. Boca Grande tarpon fishing is the "Tarpon Capitol of the World" which Charlotte Harbor connects to Boca Grande Pass forming the biggest habitat of mature tarpon in the world during the summer migration. Tampa Bay Tarpon fishing is also extremely focused on tarpon during the early spring and summer months. Florida tarpon fishing has grown to one of the biggest fisheries in the state. Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande, Florida during the May & June tarpon spawning migration can be the most unbelievable tarpon bite you have ever experienced.

  Due to the over-whelming request for Tarpon trips from our clients and the angling community, we will bring in our other Pro-Staff Capts from neighboring counties that focus strictly on Florida Tarpon Fishing to help with the high demand for Tarpon trips.  We will detail the best places to Tarpon Fish in Florida, when to go, and a list of our top Tarpon Guides in each area.  Don't settle for an expensive "boat ride" come and experience the "BEST"  Tarpon guides in FL, "GUARANTEED"!!!!



This Month's Featured Fishing Guides:


Light Tackle Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande & Charlotte Harbor with

Capt.  Derrick Jacobsen


Light Tackle fishing in Islamorada & The Florida Keys with

Capt. Eric Herstedt


Deep Sea Fishing with Capt. Ray McCauley in  Jacksonville &

St. Augustinne


"Light Tackle" fishing for Tarpon, Snook & Redfish around the Tampa Bay/Tarpon Springs area with

Capt. Mike Witfoth


Sight Cast to schools of Giant Redfish in Mosquito Lagoon with

Capt. Jim Ross


Deep Sea & Tarpon Fishing Key West with

Capt. Mike Weinhofer


Fly-fishing in Chokoloskee & 10,000 Islands with

Capt. Ray Culver


Nightime Trophy Snook Fishing with

Capt. Dave Pomerleau


Light Tackle fishing from Jacksonville to St. Augustine with

Capt. Ron Schurr


We are booking up fast for the 2021 Tarpon Season.  Book Now to reserve the last few available Hill Tide Dates..

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