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Additional Anglers:  Florida Light Tackle Charter Rates are for up to two to six anglers.  Please click on the captain's individual web pages for details.

Please add an additional $25 to $50 (varies by location & boat) for each additional angler above two to six.  Depending on the vessel, location, species being targeted and/or fishing method, FLTC will allow a maximum of two to six anglers on it's boats.  By standers will be considered as an "Additional angler"  Please visit the Captain's page for the area you wish to fish, for more information.

Florida Light Tackle Charters can accommodate an unlimited number of anglers in a party by utilizing other boats (Buddy boats) and captains within and outside of the Florida Light Tackle Charters fleet.  Please see "Multiple Boats"

Boat & Equipment:  To insure our clients with the very best success, Florida Light Tackle Charters Captains are equipped with the latest in boats, motors and fishing equipment.  Please click on our Captains & Locations page for boat pictures and information on the equipment best suited for their local waters.

Booking Tips:  You can call us toll free at 1-866-4TARPON (482-7766).  Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 6:00PM and Saturday from 9AM to 1:00PM.  If you call us during non business hours or during holidays, your telephone call will be directed to our cell phone.   Please leave your name, a number where you can be reached, the size of your party, and the dates you have available to fish; or you may complete our

Buddy Boats:  At any time, Florida Light Tackle Charters can arrange a "Buddy Boat" trip where an unlimited number of anglers in a party can spend the day fishing together by utilizing other boats & captains.  If Florida Light Tackle Charters does not have another captain available, Florida Light Tackle Charters will arrange the additional boat(s) through it's network.  Florida Light Tackle Charters takes pride in providing it's clients with the very best, therefore, we are very careful with who we select to utilize for Buddy Boat trips.  In addition, Florida Light Tackle Charters can arrange for friendly competition with the other anglers/boat, as seen here.

Can we keep the fish we catch:  To help protect the excellent fishery in our waters, Florida Light Tackle Charter promotes catch & release of game fish.  Certain species such as Snapper, Mackerel,  Gray Snapper and Grouper are excellent table fare and can sustain a larger "Take Fishery". 

  • The guide's limit is not counted in the charters "bag limit".
  • We release the fish that exceed the passenger limit.
  • All Tarpon are released

Captains:  While our Captains try their best to perform every Charter they are scheduled for, there are times when they cannot perform a charter for reasons unexpected.   This may occur as a result of boat or engine trouble, illness and/or personal/family matters.  To preserve the charter you have been anxiously awaiting, Florida Light Tackle Charters, reserves the right to substitute another Florida Light Tackle Charter Captain.  In the event all of our Charter Captains are booked, we will refund your deposit in it's entirety.

Departure Time:  Unless otherwise arranged, our morning backcountry charters depart at 8AM, afternoon charters at 1PM and evening charters between 6pm and 8pm based on the species targeted and time of year. Tarpon charters start as early as 6am for morning trips and 3pm-4pm for evening.

Due to inclement weather, special local events, tides and/or "Hot bites", Florida Light Tackle Charters may suggest  to change the departure time.  Because of this, Florida Light Tackle Charter Captains make it a practice to communicate with their customers several days prior to the charter date to confirm or recommend a change in departure time.

Equipment - the use of:  Florida Light Tackle Charters will provide it’s customers the very best and latest in rods, reels and equipment.  The fishing rod & reel is in the control of the angler all day.  It is the angler’s responsibility to secure it when not in use.  The captain does watch out for things but cannot see everything that is going on.  An unsecured rod with a live bait or lure dangling in the water is a temptation to fish at any time.  Insurance does not cover "mistakes"  Even if it did, the deductible would not even have been met.  Equipment is in control of the angler.  Should such be lost or broken, it would be the angler’s responsibility to pay for such losses.

Fly Fishing:  Fly Fishing is an art in itself, which requires tremendous skill in order to effectively present a fly to a game fish.  Florida Light Tackle Charters will do it’s best to teach you the proper techniques.  Windy conditions can often make the task almost impossible, even for the most avid fly fisherman.  Florida Light Tackle Charters will position you for a reasonable shot at your target, however, we cannot guarantee your success in fly placement, therefore we respectfully waive our No Fish – No Pay obligation for full or partial Fly-Fishing Trips.

Liability:  F.L.T.C. diligently screens it's captains, and only employs captains with a proven track record of providing a fun-filed and safe environment for customers. Even though we have NEVER had any claims, there is always a possibility of an accident.  An accident that may be less probable to occur, than one that you may be in, by simply driving down to the end of your driveway.

In our waters, there will always be other boaters who are not as careful and who do not utilize the best judgment.  Our Captains are seasoned, and know to avoid careless boaters.  In addition, F.L.T.C. requires each Captain to maintain insurance on their vessels.  Each Captain is required to maintain a Liability Endorsement with a minimum value of $300,000.  Many of our Captains have chosen to increase their coverage, with some maintaining policies as  high as $1,000,000. 

In the event, the unlikely should occur, claims are to be forwarded to the individual captain's insurance carrier.  FLTC and/or it's officers WILL NOT be liable for any mishaps or accidents, which may occur on the way to, during and/or after a charter.

Licenses:  Fishing licenses are not required when you are fishing aboard a Florida Light Tackle Charter (Saltwater only).  You will be required to buy a Florida Fishing License if we fish in freshwater.

Live Bait:  Whenever possible, live bait will be caught before the scheduled departure time.  Many times our customers (Especially children) find catching bait exciting and wish to join us.  Please notify us in advance if you wish to accompany us in the bait catching duties for the day.

For certain species and certain fishing locations, Live Bait, at times can mean the difference between catching a few fish and a lot of fish. There are times, especially in the cooler months, or  during cold fronts when bait becomes difficult to locate.  We will always try our best to locate the preferred bait, even if it means delaying our charter by a few minutes or an hour.  Other guides will simply go out and perform the charter with less then positive expectations.  We will not.  We would rather spend an extra hour on the water locating the proper bait to help provide you with the best day possible.  This is particularly true in the Southwest and West Central Florida region, where Live Pilchards, Sardines and Herring are the baits of choice.

There may be times when buying or catching live bait is just not possible.  This can be the result of a recent front, recent heavy rains, etc.  This does not mean however, the fish will also be gone.  It just means FLTC Captains will have to adjust to the conditions.  While we will invest the extra time into locating the proper baits, when we cannot, we respectfully reserve the right to utilize other methods to provide you and your guests a fun filled day.  These other methods can include Artificial Bait & Lures and Dead Bait.

No Fish – No Pay Guarantee:  Please click HERE.

Payment:  Florida Light Tackle Charters accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express and Cash.  The only time you may pay by cash, is to pay the remainder of the trip balance upon trip completion.  The balance is payable upon the completion of a charter.  For multiple day charters, the daily balance is payable at the end of each day.  Regular, Group or Corporate Charters requiring three or more boats - Full Balance/Payment is required 7days prior departure.

Personal Belongings:  Florida Light Tackle Charters and it's Captains will try our best to keep your personal belongings safe from the elements, however we cannot guarantee, nor will we be responsible for the safety of such.  Our boats are equipped with dry storage, however, there is always a possibility of damage due to moisture and/or spray to camera equipment and other misc. electronic equipment is always a possibility.  We ask you please take the responsibility for your belongings and bring with you a waterproof bag to store your valuables.

Pickup & Drop-off Locations:  Should good weather prevail, our Captains can pick you up and drop you off anywhere within their coverage area.  In windy conditions, we will require you meet us as close to the fishing grounds as possible.  Please click on the Captains you wish to book, for a listing of their preferred ports. Waterfront Pickups may require an additional charge (Varies per captain and per area).  Please note; there may be an additional charge for an "On the water pickup & drop off" in the Sanibel, North Captiva, Captiva, Cayo Costa, Gasparilla, Little Gasparilla, Palm Island, Pine Island, Cabbage Key and Useppa area of SW Florida.

Private Long Rage Offshore Trips:  Please our Special Promotions page for information on any current Private Long Range Offshore Trips.

Reservation Deposits: Regular, Group/Corporate & Shared Charters:

*Regular Charters - Florida Light Tackle Charters will

require a $100 advance deposit per boat per day to reserve a charter date & time slot.

*Shared Charters- require full payment in advance.

Deposits may be made by *check (received 14-days prior departure date) or major credit card.  

*Group & Corporate Charters require 50% down deposit at time of booking with the balance paid no later than 10 days prior departure.  Cash/Check/Credit Card excepted.


*Deposits are only refundable with 60 days advance cancellation notice (In writing or email) & 30 days advance notice for Group & Corporate Charters.  We collect the $100 deposit (Regular Charters) to reserve your date and time slot. This $100 deposit per boat per day is NON-Refundable unless the fishing trip is cancelled by the Captain/FLTC due to bad weather or unforeseen problems/vessel. This cancellation is made at the dock or via phone on the day of or day prior the trip, only at the Captain's/FLTC discretion.  Our policy is to meet at the boat or pickup location at the agreed time on the day of the trip. If the fishing trip is cancelled by the Captain due to due to hazardous weather conditions, we will try to re-book the charter if your schedule allows, otherwise we will cheerfully refund your entire deposit. 

*Cancellations by customers/clients with less than a 36-hour phone call notice and/or no shows at the dock by customers on the day of the fishing trip will be charged to their credit card the full amount length of charter slot they have reserved as per your above “Contract For Services”. When you reserve a fishing trip, we do not book anyone else for that time slot. No shows leave the captain and deckhand standing at the fully set up boat wondering where their charter is.


*Per your Voice Recorded/Written Authorization, we have charged a charter reservation deposit to

your account. Please contact FLTC when you arrive in town; or two days prior to the charter date, whichever comes first, We cannot confirm your charter without this contact to our office!


Private Long Range Charter Deposits - Florida Light Tackle Charters will require a non-refundable 50% deposit at time of booking with the remaining balance to be paid within 60 days of the trip date.  All deposits are NON-Refundable, unless the trip is canceled by Florida Light Tackle Charters due to weather conditions.

Multiple Boats - Deposits:  Florida Light Tackle Charters can accommodate an unlimited number of anglers in a party by utilizing other boats (Buddy boats) and captains within and outside of the Florida Light Tackle Charters umbrella. Florida Light Tackle Charter will treat each boat as separate charter, and each charter will require it's own reservation deposit.  In the event an angler or party decides to cancel a boat (after the 60 day notice) and the remaining angler(s), if any, choose to join another party on another boat , the reservation deposit for the original boat WILL BE FORFEITED Any cancelled boat/s or charter with less than a 36-hour phone call notice and/or no shows at the dock by customers on the day of the fishing trip will be charged to their credit card the full amount length of charter slot they have reserved.   (When you reserve a fishing trip, we do not book anyone else for that time slot thus the Captain/s will be paid for such cancellations)

Seasickness:  The major part of our fishing is done in less than six feet of water and as shallow as a foot.  We fish mostly protected waters.  We are rarely out of sight of land.  Here, big fish, including Giant Tarpon  live in shallow water.

Tipping: Captain - Although tipping is not required, our captains work very hard to insure you an exciting and successful fishing day, and with the Florida Light Tackle Charters “No Fish No Pay Guarantee”, we sometimes absorb the cost of the charter, for reasons out of the control of Florida Light Tackle Charters (Weather condition, freak tides, etc.).  Judge the quality of your trip, whether with Florida Light Tackle Charters , or another organization, by how hard your guide works for you.  Most of the time we can perform our magic, however, sometimes no matter how hard we work, we cannot get the fish to cooperate.  If your guide worked hard, is courteous, took the time to teach you, and you had a good time, then by all means, it is proper to leave him/her a gratuity of 15% to 20% or the charter rate.  Some clients do not tip simply because they do not know it is customary practice in the charter industry to tip the captain, or in some cases the mate, which is why we choose to mention tipping standards on our site.

Mate - It is customary to tip a mate.  Only a small hand full of our 50+ boats run mates.  We do not increase our charter rates for the few boats that do run mates.  The majority of a mate's income derives from gratuities.  Mates are an integral part of certain boats.  From the hours of preparation and cleaning before and after a charter to helping the anglers with all of the fish duties throughout the day.  Mates will bait your hooks, help land your trophy fish, photograph your catch, clean and bag your catch and even hand you a cold beverage; needless to say, our mates work very hard to earn your appreciation, please keep this in mind while you enjoy a worry-free "Fishing Adventure". 

Tournament Charters:  Florida Light Tackle Charter Captains, are available for Tournament Charters.  Please contact Capt Derrick Jacobsen to discuss tournament rates; or a tournament charter with any member of the FLTC Dream Team.

Weather:  In the case of inclement weather conditions, Florida Light Tackle Charters will require the charter to be completed targeting other game fish in protected waters, such as protected back bays, coves, rivers & creeks, canals, etc.  Should the charter be canceled due to unsafe conditions, the charter time will be cut short and the charter price prorated accordingly.

What’s Included:  Fishing licenses, live bait (If needed), bait, ice, water, tackle, rods & reels, fish cleaning & bagging and a professional and friendly attitude.  Polarized sunglasses may also be available for use.  Please notify us in advance should you wish to borrower a pair of polarized sunglasses.

What Not to Bring:  Illegal Drugs or Paraphernalia, Firearms, GPS and/or Loran Equipment.  We WILL NOT allow you or your party to board our vessel with any of the aforementioned items.  Should you be in possession of any firearm or illegal substance while underway, Florida Light Tackle Charter Captains are instructed to turn back toward port and radio the Coast Guard and local authorities.  In addition, our captains Will Not allow any passengers under the influence of drugs or alcohol to board their vessels.  ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DO NOT BRING BANANAS ON OUR BOATS!

What should I bring: 

  • White cotton shirts are most comfortable or long sleeve fishing shirts.
  • A long billed cap or a wide rim hat, to reduce glare off your face and ears.
  • Light colored sole, tennis shoes or deck shoes (no dark soled shoes allowed.)
  • Sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30. (no "Sprayable" sunscreens allowed please)
  • Food and drink. We ask that you bring your food to the boat in bags.
  • Beer and wine are acceptable.
  • Cameras and recording equipment are welcome
  • No Cigars UNLESS you bring one for the captain.

** Florida Light Tackle Charters reserves the right to change its policies at any time without notice.  Please check back regularly for updates to our Charter Policies.









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